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I’m a girl


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I’m neither greater nor equal.

I’m unique.

I’m a girl.


I’m neither stronger nor feeble.

I’m just me.

I’m a girl.


I need neither pity nor overprotection.

I only need understanding.

I’m a girl.


I deserve neither infanticide nor pampering.

I need only care.

I’m a girl.


Do not treat me as a boy.

Do not identify me with a boy.

I’m a girl.


© Ranjit K Sharma | 18-Apr-2018

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18 Responses

  1. Sudarshan Das says:

    Wonderful and very soulful!

  2. sutapabsu20 says:

    Excellent! Touched my heart. So simple and direct.

  3. Wonderfully expressed Ranjit 👍🏻

  4. Vaibhavshree says:

    Gud one..!!

  5. V Murali says:

    Speaks the reality. Well said.

  6. Devaleena Joardar says:

    Thank you for the initiative of writing this poem and supporting girl child. Hope this country realises that a nation cannot survive without women. Men cannot progress without women.

  7. Sudeep says:

    Very good… Brother

  8. Rajni Sharma says:

    Well penned! Sets the reader on an auto reflective mode.

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