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Worshipping cows is not about veganism

Today is a great day for cows. Hindus celebrate Gopashtami (Hindi गोपाष्टमी) today. It’s really nice that Hindus worship cows as their mothers.

But unfortunately, there are certain shocking facts regarding cows and their use as farm animals to produce milk.

Cows are often subjected to artificial insemination, whose procedure is nothing less than rapes. Cows are tied and treated with inhuman torture, only to remain milk-bearing. The babies are often separated from their mothers so that the supply of milk to humans are not affected.

Once, the cows are no more milk-producing, they are sold to slaughter houses. India is one of the largest milk-producing countries, but surprisingly it is also the world’s second largest exporter of beef.

Also, cows are often left for grazing in the open, due to which they consume plastics and often die prematurely.

If we really respect cows, we need to wake up and encourage the production and consumption of plant-based dairy products, and slowly replace them with dairy. Mainstream dairy companies like Amul, Mother Dairy, Cadbury’s, etc. should be pressurised to produce plant-based dairy products.

Turning to #veganism will definitely help these poor animals. Opening more vegan restaurants might also be a great investment idea.

And it’s not only about cows, we need to imbibe a culture of care for all animals, including goats, chickens, bees, fish and silkworms.

Here are some shocking images and links:

Depriving the calf from its birthright Image source: Social media
After a routine sacrifice ceremony at a Kali Puja Image source: Social media

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