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SEO Writing Can Be a Fun Way to Great Authorship

Sometimes back, I wrote an article for an American audience with the aforesaid title. Later, I thought it would be good to share it with my readers as this is really going to help those who have decided to write for the web but are unsure of their future. Here it is:

SEO Writing—the In Thing!

SEO Writing—the In Thing!

So you have made your mind and are all set to write for the web! You already know what on earth SEO is all about and by now recognize all its sisters, I mean, jargon such as keywords, meta-tags, alt-tags, social media optimization, etc.

You also are empowered with a flair for writing; you have a good stock of vocabulary, a sound command over the written word, an impeccable knowledge of writing styles, and a fairly good idea about coherence in writing.

And, most importantly, you are also aware of all the monetary benefits, and fame that SEO writing can eventually bring to you.

With all these tools and resources at your hand what is stopping you from taking the plunge and agreeing to the fact that SEO writing can be fun?

Okay, I understand. You must be thinking, “Taking the plunge into SEO writing is fine but I am wondering how this can, in any way, be ‘fun’, given the fact that it requires so much of preparation!”

“Moreover, I am not an expert, I mean; I am not a PhD in any particular field.”

No issues. You will agree with me, I am sure, if you read further to discover yourself the great fun elements associated with SEO writing.
Need No PhD
First of all, let me make it clear that for SEO writing you need not be an expert, writing for the experts. You need not have a PhD in any field to be able to write literary pieces or expert articles interspersed with jargon and technical mumbo jumbo.

So don’t worry; you are already SEO-writing-compliant! And that’s fun.

For writing for the web, you just need to understand the concepts, and organize your thoughts into well-drafted articles that provide the required information to the readers in an interesting way. You are actually writing in common language for the common people like you.

What are your tools then? In order to be a good SEO writer you need to have good commonsense, clarity of thought, and an ability to organize information. I tell you, these are more important than educational qualification, and writing experience.

Now the other elements associated with SEO writing—versatility! That means, after you start writing for the web, versatility in writing is assured. How?

SEO writing projects are often short, and therefore, most SEO writers are freelancers. As a result, as an SEO writer you work for more number of companies, and write for more number of topics than you would possibly do as an in-house writer in a publishing house, or a content-selling corporate house.

Isn’t it interesting to read and do research on a wide variety of topics and subjects, and then write unique, informative articles on them?

Your areas might touch writings for e-books, websites, mailers, e-zines, e-brochures, online ads, etc. These may entail research on a variety of topics such as legal, medical, academic, business, and financial. Don’t you become versatile?

Freedom is the third fun element identified with SEO writing.

In spite of an abundance of topics and subjects to write for, you, as a writer, still have the power to pick and choose only those areas that are close to your heart? You are not straitjacketed by your employer to write only on pre-defined areas like newspaper and magazine reporters who are closely regulated and directed, or like corporate writers who are tightly controlled.

Moreover, as a freelance writer you decide your own working hours, your own working pace, and your own volume of writing.

Great Future
A great future is the last, but not the least, element of fun connected with SEO writing in my list.
With your numerous contributions to the web in the form small articles and write-ups, you are actually creating a huge compilation of your published work.

Your résumé is enriched. At a certain point of time later when you plan to write a fiction, or a non-fiction, you have twice as much chance to get a reputed publisher than a non-SEO-writer, who isn’t published yet!

Fun, isn’t it?
With this, let me give rest to my flying fingers, and wish you a happy SEO-writing career and a superb future, waiting to embrace you!

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